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Ryan Calaunan 

Ryan serves as the Believe Tech Director. It is Ryans goal to bring that extra flare to the Believe Experience through sound, lighting and video. "The production side of the performing arts exists to enhance and support what the performers are doing on stage." - Ryan

My Story

Ryan Calaunan has been a part of performing arts since he was a child. Coming a multi generational musical family, music has always been a main core of Ryans life. When he's not serving as the Believe Experience Tech Director, Ryan can be found touring the nation and world as a musician. He has been playing the drums since he was 7 years old and is a Musical Director, for multiple touring Artists. 

Ryan fell into the production side of the performing arts out of necessity to bring the vision of artists that he works with to life. He prides himself on being able to speak both the language of music and production. The partnership between these two things only allow the other to be better. 

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